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Vishal A. Doshi

I thrive to help businesses drive growth

I work to achieve success & work relentlessly to help achieve goals

I live and breath in the Digital and e-commerce space. Everyday is a challenge and as I dive deeper, I educate myself with the technologies that can be beneficial and crucial for growth. Learning never stops and working in the space I am passionate about encourages me to keep going forward.

Search Engine & Social Media


Largest social media on the planet with over 1 billion active users. There are about 1 billion reasons to advertise with Facebook.


Largest Search Engine on the planet with over 3.5 billion searches a day, and there are millions of reasons to target Google ads.


Fastest growing social media platform owned by Facebook, and over 1 billion active users, it is hard to miss out.


With Millions of searches everyday, and when you advertise with Bing your ads reach in Bing, Yahoo and AOL.


Another Fast growing platform and one of the most used and downloaded amongst the young generation.


With more than 459 active users, and substantially growing platform it is worth considering.

E-commerce platforms

Branding with Shopify

Came a long way from drop-shipping to creating own brand, connecting with audience and creating something that people can trust.


One of the leading marketplaces I have a complete understanding of working with eBay and knowledge of eBay policies and strategies.


Top e-commerce platform in the world I have an Understanding of the Amazon platform, with creating & understanding its policies.


Another great e-commerce platform, often ignored, with over 81 million active buyers it is worth considering


One of the leading marketplaces in Australia with more than 20,000 orders a day on average, it is a great platfor.

Many More

There are tons of marketplaces like mydeal, Kogan, Dicksmith, Temple & Webster, etc. it all comes down to products & requirement.





Magento 2

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 360

Google Tag Manager

Google Data Sheet

Google Ads Editor

Search Ads 360

Display & Video 360

Google Adwords





Facebook Commerce

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Ads





Instagram Ads & Influencers

Twitter Ads & Influencers

Pinterest Ads

TikTok Ads & Influencers


Microsoft Servers






Adobe Photoshop





Skills and Hands on Experience

✔️ Digital Marketing

✔️ Social Media Marketing

✔️ Search Engine Marketing

✔️ Sales Funnels

✔️ Organic & SEO reach

✔️ E-mail Marketing

✔️ User Experience (UX)

✔️ User Interface (UI)

✔️ Video Shooting

✔️ Video editing

✔️ Video collaboration

✔️ Image designing 

✔️ Content Writing

✔️ Copywriting

✔️ E-mail Marketing

✔️ SEO

Soft Skills

Over the years of experience I have developed and gained valuable soft skills and inter-personal skills which have allowed me to grow mentally and emotionally. I always believe in learning new things and gaining valuable soft skills to grow and imrpovise in day to day life, this soft skills have also helped me in my professional and personal life


I always take responsibility for my own actions, positive or negative it is important to be accountable for rather than to be ignorant


Over the years  of working in sales I have gained tendencies to express and interact with boldness, enthusiasm, and confidence

Collaboration & Teamwork

I have demonstrate successful collaboration and teamwork to achieve a common goal


Working as a freelancer have allowed me to learn the moderation of reason and feeling, attentive, and realistic

Customer Oriented

Working in sales and working in customer-centric industry I have gained the ability to anticipate, identify, and meet people’s often unspoken needs through assistance, products, or services and the drive to generate customer satisfaction and loyalty

Creative & adaptive

Creativity is not just a soft skill, it is very much a necessary skill which requires to think out of the box thinking to thrive successful in the industry. I do follow latest technologies to keep my knowledge upto-date and adapt as reqired

Influential Leadership

As a freelancer and running my own projects I work with partner and we work in teams, I have several projects going on which requires team effort, the most important thing is to keep everyone together working towards the same goal and keep on motivating to focus on what is important


I am good with numbers, and it is a must have skill to work independently I have gained this skill over working as a freelancer and working in sales where statistics and reports are crucial to understand how to move forward


Additional Skills


I have been following cryptocurrency for more than a year and it is very interesting, block chain technology intrigues me, given that I understand and can learn to adapt this emerging technology if required


I have the basic industry knowledge for cyber security and the potential threats and risks to a business, when necessary I can quickly grasp the knowledge and implement & adapt the knowledge as required